Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five for Friday

I know, I's Saturday. I'm linking up anyways. 

I totally missed the last two days of the Back to School linkup...waaah! But I had to focus on my darling little first graders. First things first, right.

We had back to school night on Tuesday and I was a sewing machine. And not even for myself...for my dear friend Kara. 
I'm so nice :)

Ok, this one wasn't from this week, BUT I just had to share and say YUM!!!

Husband took me to Santa Monica for our anniversary and we hopped over to Beverly Hills so I could visit Sprinkles Cupcakes...I really love cupcakes.

They even have a cupcake ATM...I couldn't believe it!

We've been practicing Read to Self this week. We're up to a solid three minutes...woah...that is a for sure change from 3rd grade...slow going, but we'll get there. 

We started class points using Mr. Potato Head. They earned the body when they got a compliment from another teacher and the feet when they were working so nicely on their seatwork. They are SO excited about this and so am I!

Last one is a seriously funny story. No picture. Sorry. 

So during prayer circle a little girl in my class (who is incredibly cute by the way) asks if we'd pray for her family because they're going to the Philippines next week. 

My first thought of course is: Great, why haven't I heard about this yet?? Now I have a ton of absent work to prepare. Ugh.

But I'm still smiling at her when I ask,
 "Oh, for how long?"

She gets a really confused look on her face and shrugs her shoulders as she replies, "For like 3 feet."

I almost died laughing. 

Things like that make me SO glad to be in first grade.  

PS. I talked to her mom after school and they aren't even going to the Philippines. Ha!

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  1. Firsties are so dang cute!!!! Sounds like you're having fun with your sweet class!

    Teaching with Hope