Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Wednesday Organization

Hey guys, this has got to be a seriously quick post. My second day with little first graders and I have not been this tired since 6th grade when I stayed up for like 27 hours straight or something ridiculous like that. 

Okay, so today's Back to School topic is organization. I just want to touch on one thing that I'm trying new this year: BINDERS!

Changing classrooms and grades was a perfect reason to purge the ol' filing cabinet and switch to using binders for my teaching resources. 

So far I love it. Like really love it. There is something about neat little binders all in a row that just melts my heart. aaah. 

Honestly, most of my binders are empty...I'm still in the process of gathering materials for my new little ones, but I'm sure they'll fill up quickly. 

I'll go into the process in more detail in another post because I'm wiped. Like really, really wiped. 

Check out Blog Hoppin' for more organizational tips and tricks.

Total side note: just watched God's Not Dead with the hubs. Great movie!! In the spirit of the flick I'll leave you with this:

God's not dead.

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