Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Diggitty Dog!

Hot diggity, a whole lot can happen when you take a few day vacation!

First exciting news that happened while I was gone: I received the Liebster and Versatile Blogger Awards from Brittany over at Stickers and Stamps. Thanks Brittany!


Liebster Award rules are:
This award highlights blogs that have under 200 followers. Here are the rules for it:
1. Copy and paste this award on your blog. (done)
2. Thank the giver and link back to them. (done)
3. Reveal 5 other bloggers and let them know by commenting on their blog. (working on it!)

The Versatile Blogger rules are:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award & link back to that site. (done)
2. Include the award image. (done)
3. Give 7 random facts about yourself. (see below)
4. Nominate other bloggers for the award (suggested: 15 bloggers) and include links to their sites. (coming soon!)
5. Let other bloggers know they've been nominated. (see #4)

My 7 random facts:
1. I don't LOVE coffee and I don't LOVE chocolate...I know, what is wrong with me!?

2. My hubby and I have been best buds since we were 12. 

3. I really hate flossing because I don't like putting my hands in my mouth, but I do it anyways. 

4. I had been to Disneyland about 16 times by the time I turned 18. I've been several more times since then!

5. I gave birth to my daughter while my husband was deployed in Iraq...he met her for the first time when she was 4 months old. 

6. I've been scrapbooking since I was 15. And yes, I'm still behind. How does that happen?!

7. I ran out of gas on the way to the mall the day I got my driver's license. Completely humiliating!

I guess that was the only really cool thing that happened while I was gone, but boy my eyeballs are burnin' from trying to catch up on all of the other posts I missed reading. Sheesh! You ladies don't quit...and I love it!

A few things we did while we were gone:
Took our first trip to LegoLand...this is my boy-boy and husband on the first roller coaster of the day.

We hit up the beach at Dana Point on the 3rd, but all the pics are on my sister's camera.

On the 4th we went to go see the LA Galaxy play. There's Landon Donovan kicking from the corner. I loved our up close seats!

They do the best fireworks show after the game. My kiddos loved it!

And by far the highlight of our trip was picking up these two cuties in Ventura.

I'd like you to meet:

Charly and Lily!

They are 9 week old Maltipoo sisters. The one on the left is Charly--she's a little fiesty!-- and the one on the right is Lily--she's my shy girl. 

Well, my friends, I'm glad to be back. I'll have a Pinterest project completed soon {hopefully} so stay tuned!

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