Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday's Simple Supper- White Chicken Chili

I have not been blessed with the ability to be a super duper working mom. It's actually quite hard for me. Some of you moms out there make it look way too easy. Y'all must share how you do it!

As a stay at home mom I loved cooking. It was my most favorite time of the day. I could retreat into the kitchen, my honey would play with the kids, and for just a moment my mind could wander. It was such a breath of fresh air in my crazy, hectic day. 

Now, as a working mom my days are even crazier and more hectic, and trying to plan and prepare meals has been a nightmare ever since I started teaching.

These days I'm always on the lookout for meals that are quick and easy and that are appealing to the pickiest child on the planet, because I swear he sits at my dinner table every night! God bless you other mothers out there who also have picky eaters. 

Here is a recipe that my family loved. When I say "my family" please note that I exclude my picky prince since he doesn't even eat mac and cheese...what kind of child doesn't eat mac and cheese!?

White Chicken Chili
link to original recipe:
*Print out the recipe and then see my adaptations below

Notes on Ingredients:
- Personally, there was way too much onion. I'd do half next time.
- It calls for 3 cups of chicken, but I just diced up 2 large chicken breasts and made sure to season them well with some salt, pepper, and Susie Q's.
- I only had 2 4-oz cans of green chile and that was plenty.
- I went just a bit shy of a full tablespoon of the cumin.
- The jalapeno was omitted for my family.

Note on the Preparation:
- I didn't realize that it was supposed to simmer for an hour, so instead of adding all of the ingredients in step 2, I added everything except the beans and broth so that I could cook the chicken until it was almost done. Then I added the broth and beans and only simmered long enough to cook the chicken through. 


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