Thursday, July 31, 2014

So it begins...

Making a very quick stop to say hey to all you lovely ladies (and maybe gentlemen)...

Monday morning I drove 2 hours meet my mom so she could take my kiddos for the week. First time they've been away this long and I MISS THEM!!

But...I've been in my classroom every day which is fabulous. Teachers go back on the 12th and students on the 19th, but I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 5th. Yah, who does that right before school?!? Oh right....I do. What a dummy. 

Since I'm changing grades that means I'm changing rooms and for some reason teachers at our school love to leave behind all their crud lovely teaching resources that they no longer want. This means emptying all the cabinets and sorting through everything before putting all my stuff into the cabinets. 

This is what I'm working with folks...

Not pretty. Not pretty at all. 

I'm determined to make a dent in all this junk tomorrow because once the husband gets home we're on the road to pick up the littles.

I'm crossing my fingers for a Five for Friday with pictures of a neat and tidy (although incomplete) classroom. Say a prayer people!


  1. I'm changing grades too (fourth to first) and I can relate to the mountains of STUFF. I'm your newest follower because I want to learn what I can about making this switch!

  2. Thanks Casey for stopping by! Glad we’ll get to share in this journey together. Be sure to stop in again and let me know how it’s going :)