Friday, July 18, 2014

Grab My Button Code Generator

Okay, if Fab Find Friday isn't already a linky somewhere then it totally needs to be because I have just made an incredibly fab find!!

I have spent at least 2 stinkin' hours trying to make a "Grab My Button" widget. You know, one of those little code boxes that has a blog button above it. You can copy and paste the person's button onto your blog. Well anyways, none of the code was working. The button would show up, the text box would show up, but there would be no code in the text box. Kind of defeats the purpose of people being able to grab the code if it's not there! Ugh, so frustrating. I swear I looked at at least 6 different tutorials and nada, nothing, zilch.

Then, by reading through some comments on one of the tutorials, I found this little gem.

All you do is add in your blog title, URL, and image URL, make a few color and code box selections and get all the code you need to copy into your HTML widget. Worked first time, no problems!! If only I had found that first...

I'd love to hear about your recent fab finds! Comment below.

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