Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yard Sign Makeover, Mod Podge {really?!}

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Now back to the purpose of this post...

I was terribly bummed when I didn't have a single thing to share for Tara's Monday Made It linky, but in my defense my Mom, her hubs, and my nephew were visiting this weekend AND my mom and I repainted my kitchen and half of my family room. 

I was totally able to forgive myself after I created this beauty:

Take note of this moment folks. This may be the one and only time that I actually create something from an idea that came from my very own brain without any influence from another blog or Pinterest. I'm going to cherish this moment!

Here's what I used:
  • Mod Podge
  • spray adhesive
  • sticker letters
  • 2 yard signs
  • large gift bag
  • extra paper 

The best part is that I got the bag, yard signs, and sticker letters from the dollar store. What a score!!

I started by taking apart the polka dot gift bag and laying it out flat on my work table. I flipped the yard signs over and traced them onto the bag.

I cut out my pieces from the gift bag and used spray adhesive to stick them to the front of the yard signs. I sprayed the adhesive directly on the yard sign to make sure I didn't miss any edges. 

I used some clip art from my blog design to add a little more color. I knew the letters weren't going to be enough. I originally wanted to cut out the branch and individual leaves so I didn't have that icky white background, but guess what...I didn't have the patience for that this morning so icky white background it is.


I hadn't quite figured out what I was going to say on the sign when I was shopping so I ended up having to make a few e's out of paper and using some of the leftover letters to get creative and form letters that I was short on. I wasn't so great at making the words centered on the sign {obviously}. I think it's cute enough that I can deal with crooked. 

Here it is again:  

I made 2 signs so that I can have them back to back in the little ground cover area outside my classroom. 

This picture was pre-Mod Podge just in case I messed it up. As a final step I Mod Podged the top just to add a layer of protection against our morning coastal fog. 

Those of you that read my filing cabinet fiasco (which you can read here) are probably thinking--Mod Podge again...really?! I know. Tell me about it. But I did learn that the less papery the item you're Mod Podging the better. I didn't have nearly as much trouble this time around although the letters did bubble just a bit. 

If you have some Mod Podge projects to share or if you're a Mod Podge expert with some helpful tips go back to my filing cabinet post and link up to my Mod Podge Mania.


After Mod Podge project number two I can say that Mod Podge doesn't stink as much as I originally thought, but I'm not completely sold either.

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  1. Your sign turned out cute!! I wish I had a yard to stick one in. However, Mod Podge and I aren't friends right now. I had to trash my last project because of too many bubbles. Ugh!

    Hooty's Homeroom