Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm a 3rd Grade Blogger

I have been trying so hard to get the blogs I follow organized on Bloglovin. I specifically have been trying to get all the 3rd grade blogs into one group. As much as I love reading ALL the blogs I follow, sometimes activities and such aren't quite appropriate for 3rd grade. Sometimes I don't have time to browse, I just need to get to what is more specific to my grade level. 

Mandy over at Caffeine and Lesson Plans has a solution! Check out the top of her blog for the Blogs By Grade tab. You'll find links to all the blogs in your grade level. Sweeeet!!

I'm proud to link up with the rest of my 3rd grade gals...or at the risk of possibly leaving someone out...3rd grade gals and guys...
Third Grade Blogger 

If you're a blogger be sure to grab the button for you sidebar and link up with Mandy. If you're a reader, bookmark her page so you can quickly get to your grade level blogs. Thanks Mandy for the link-up! Maybe now I won't spend a gazillion hours on the, doubt it. Oh well, it was worth a shot.