Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goin' on a Blog Hunt....I'm Not Scared!

Time for a Blog Hunt! Find a treasures worth of blogs for teachers, by teachers. Don't be scared...

Laura Candler from Corkboard Connections is hosting this hunt after the closing of Google Reader. If you didn't import your blogs into a new reader, you're probably scouring the internet as we speak to find those faves again. Scour no more!

Let the hunt begin!

If you're a teacher with a blog you'll want to head over to Corkboard Connections and download her guidelines first. Create your post and then link up. If you're a teacher with a blog that means you are more than likely a reader of teacher blogs so keep reading below...

If you're a reader of teacher blogs you'll want to start an account with a feed reader so you can keep track of the blogs you follow all in one place. There are a ton of readers to choose from. I chose Bloglovin' because, well, let's face appropriate is a feed reader named Bloglovin'! As my mom would say...I lovers it!  Once you have your account ready you can go to Corkboard Connections or to the bottom of this post and start browsing for amazing blogs to follow. You'll want to look for a button that might look like this:

Follow on Bloglovin
PS. This button above will allow you to follow ME on bloglovin'!

You might find a ton of cutesy buttons like this...
 Follow on Bloglovin
...but they'll all essentially be asking you to follow the blog with Bloglovin'. I think I better get me one of those cutesy buttons!

Why Bloglovin'?
Of course there are other reasons why I like Bloglovin' besides its adorable name. Each feed includes a little picture from the post which helps things stay purty...see...

I can also "like" a post by clicking the word like with the little heart at the bottom. This helps me out because sometimes I want to come back to a post later. I can see all of my "liked" posts all in one place...see, like this...   

And another fav feature is putting my blogs in groups. I teach 3rd grade so every time I come across a 3rd grade blog I can put it into my special 3rd Grade group.

Of course I can follow a blog as an email subscriber, but then my email gets clogged up and it's easier to manage everything when it's all in one place (That's for you Mrs. K! Smooches and Hugs!!).

Hope to see you all on Bloglovin' and happy hunting!


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