Monday, June 24, 2013

Building Mathematical Comprehension- Chapter 3

I'm loving this summer's book study! Thanks to Teaching With a Touch of Twang, Smiles and Sunshine, and Mrs. Nguyen's Class for hosting Chapter 3. 

Ch. 3 Focus: Make Connections and Build Schema
It was interesting to learn that prior knowledge of a content is one of the highest indicators of how well a student will learn new information (85).

Building schema and activating prior knowledge is crucial!

We can help students make meaningful connections by modeling how to make connections, utilizing think alouds, incorporating mathematical discussion into lessons, and asking quality questions

Similar to reading, students can make the following connections:
  • math to self
  • math to math
  • math to world
My big question during the first portion of this chapter was, "...but Laney, HOW do we teach students to recognize these connections?" Of course she answered this question as the chapter went on...
To teach math connections:
Use Think Alouds and Modeling
  • plan the think aloud ahead of winging it
  • be authentic
  • use precise language- I remember that...This is like when we...I know that...This reminds me of... (96) 
Incorporate Mathematical Discussion 
  • Math at Home- discuss how students use math at home
  • _____ Makes Me Think Of- a discussion to introduce a new concept
  • Current Events- always spark great discussion! 
Interwoven into all of the above ideas are carefully generated questions (more on questions next week in Chapter 4) that help students see mathematical connections.
Of course these are just a few of the ideas that Laney has touched upon in Chapter 3. There is so much to discuss that I'd want to just copy the whole chapter for you to read. I'd like to avoid jail, so I won't do that, but please go buy a copy of the book. You won't regret it! 

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