Thursday, February 7, 2013

Multiplication Arrays

Bad news:  
Someone in my family has been sick with fever for the last 7 days! First my son, then my daughter, and yesterday and today the lucky one is me!! This many days with a sub and I'm afraid to go back. Yesterday I couldn't get out of bed, and today I'm forcing myself to get up in small increments simply because my body can't handle being in that bed round the clock. 

During one of my escapes from my sick bed I put some final touches on a fun multiplication array activity. 

 Students match the array cards to the multiplication sentence the array represents. You can put the cards in a center or you can post the cards around the room for a scavenger hunt.

There are two recording sheet options. One with the full multiplication sentence give and one where students have to complete the multiplication sentence. 

You can pick this up at my TpT store here.

Back to bed I go. My Tylenol Cold is calling

Stay healthy my friends!  

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