Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Flashback Linky: Multiplication and a Candy Cash-In

I was beyond excited for this week of introducing multiplication concepts, especially after scouring Pinterest for some fun and exciting ideas. 

Here is what we were up to this week:

I was inspired by this chart I found through Pinterest. It originated from Allison over at The Hanleys

Here is my version.

I followed up this introductory lesson by having students create these posters. I think I found them on Pinterest, didn't actually pin it to my board, and now, for the life of me, I cannot find where the idea originated. If it's yours or you know who the idea belongs to, please let me know.

I also found an adorable flip chart that I traced back to Amy from Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons. You can find her original here. We did ours exactly the same. Here's how they came out.

And of course, for some additional fun, we got to play with candy corn. You can purchase this fun Candy Corn Arrays activity from Katie Cherritt at TpT by clicking here.

My favorite moment by far, was when I gave my students the opportunity to "cash-in" their Halloween candy for classroom reward coupons and passes. 

The day before Halloween I gave them a list of passes and coupons they could purchase and the cost in pieces of candy. They calculated how many pieces of candy they would need based on the coupons and/or passes they wanted. 

That morning I knew this had the potential to be a flop. After all, what 3rd grader is going to give his or her teacher 25 pieces of candy just to have a special lunch together?? And what 3rd grader in his or her right mind would give up 45 pieces of candy to sit at my desk??

Boy was I wrong! Here is what I collected from my 21 students:

 Over 1,000 pieces of candy!!
(One student brought in over 200 pieces 
and one of my darling boys said he kept around 10 pieces 
and brought in the rest, which was well over 100 pieces!)

The best didn't cost me a cent. LOVE IT!

The candy will be donated to be put in care packages for our deployed troops (My students and families didn't know this at first, which makes the whole thing even cooler). Not only did I save my students from a cavity or two, but we get to show our military men and women some love! This was a win-win situation all around. I think the parents loved it most of all!

I know Halloween is a whole year away, but I'll be putting together some resources to help you hold your own Candy Cash-In next year. Watch for that coming soon! 

And don't forget to link up with Amanda for her Friday Flashback...I know it's late, but better late than never.  


Happy Friday Everyone!   


  1. We did those same multiplication posters, but I love the flip chart idea too! I might do that next week.:)
    iTeach 1:1

  2. Kristen, my kiddos loved the flip booklet! If you remember where you found the poster idea, let me know. Thanks for commenting!

    Teach on a Limb

  3. Love, love, love the candy cash-in idea! It's amazing how much they love those classroom coupons! :) Thanks for the link up!

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. This is fantastic!! I teach 3rd grade also (well a 2/3 split this year). I love your ideas on multiplication!!! Your candy cash-in is brilliant! I'm your newest follower.

    :) Jayme
    Trendy in Third