Monday, September 10, 2012

QAR: Question-Answer Relationship

One of my favorite comprehension strategies to teach in the classroom is question-answer relationship. 

This is a great strategy that helps students learn where the answers to questions can be found.  Once students realize there is a relationship between the question being asked and its answer, they will think more deeply about their reading selection.

Reading Rockets has a great page on QAR, explaining its benefits and how to use this strategy in your classroom.  

Here it is in a nutshell:

Questions are either found IN THE TEXT or IN YOUR HEAD. 

Questions found in the text are categorized as either:

  • right there, meaning you can find the answer in your reading selection OR
  • think and search, meaning the answers are in the selection, but you may have to piece together some of the information.

Questions found in your head are categorized as either:

  • author and you, meaning you have to take information from the selection and what you already know about the selection (prior knowledge/schema) to formulate an answer OR
  • on your own, meaning the answer is formulated completely from prior knowledge. 
Here is a poster that I created with my students during my QAR mini-lesson. 

This poster was copied almost exactly from one of my favorite textbooks:

                                         Content Area Reading - Literacy And Learning Across The Curriculum - Ninth Edition 
Click here for the Amazon page for the textbook. 

Happy Reading!

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