Friday, June 22, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Anyone else's quirky family use this expression? When I went on my road trip this last weekend we were playing cards (as we usually do at family gatherings) and this expression was floating around the table. My mom was also using it to start a lunch eating race between my two darlings and my nephew. After my nephew finished first my mom said, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" My nephew started running around exclaiming, "Yay, I won a chicken dinner!" It was hilarious. 

All that to say....I'M A WINNER! I entered a quick "dog days of summer" followers giveaway over at Yearn to Learn and I won! Thanks so much Denise!

You can pick up this darling writing packet at her store, Talbot's Teaching Trove.


 I was so excited about my win, I didn't hesitate to enter Katie's giveaway over at Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans for a chance to win a TON of great resources and a signed copy of Have You Filled a Bucket Today, by Carol McCloud. Pop on over and enter, you still have a few days!

And after posting last night about my spelling plan for this year, I opened a mysterious tab on my internet browser and there was David M. Lund, Professor of Literacy and Language at Southern Utah University staring me in the face! An absolute miracle. You can check out his extensive list of literacy resources by clicking here. The high frequency word list document is under the fluency section. 

And now for a proper thank you to Professor Lund!

Happy Browsing!

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