Friday, June 15, 2012

Hanging From the Branches...

As of today (one week and one day two days [it's way past my bedtime!] post the last day of school), I would have to say I have yet to consistently teach on a limb. This is because my "real life" teaching experience thus far has consisted of me hanging from the branches, my arms getting tired, fingers losing their grip, and just praying I don't fall. 

I'll explain how I ended up dangling from that branch by making a very long story short...

Once upon a time there was a super duper wife/mommy of two/college student who finished her student teaching in California. Two days later she loaded a truck to move to Massachusetts. 
While trying to survive one of the worst winters the east coast had seen in years and years, she took over an extremely mismanaged 2nd/3rd combination class midyear. She was given curriculum on Sunday evening and started teaching the next day.

With her tear ducts fresh out of tears, she finished the year. Once again, she packed up and readied herself and the kiddos for a move. At this point the super duper wife had a less than super duper attitude about her hubby's inability to decide on where in the world he would like to work. Nevertheless she was very glad to be leaving her snow shovel behind, and to be going back to sunny California.

During a Target shopping trip, the unemployed super duper teacher was interrupted by a phone call that sort of went like this: "Hi, have you found a job yet? Wonderful, because we're looking for a new teacher. Can you come interview today?" 

The end of her interview sort of went like this, "You're hired! You have 5 days to turn this completely bare room into a functioning classroom. Don't forget to attend the scheduled PD!"

The super duper wife/mommy/teacher made it through a full year of teaching 3rd grade. 

The End. 

NOTE: The wife/mommy/teacher was not seriously harmed during the making of this short story. Only minimal scrapes, cuts, and bruises. A few gentle blows to the ego have healed nicely. 

My faith in God, and my ability to trust Him and draw strength from Him, has really grown. Without Him (and the amazing mentors he placed in my life) I never would have made it through this year and a half. To say that I'm thrilled to be teaching at the same school and in the same grade this fall is the understatement of a lifetime. 

I cannot wait to stop hanging from the branches for dear life and start teaching on a limb because I know that's where the fruit is. 

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